Conditioner Bars... Where Have You Been All My Life?!

I am in love with conditioner bars, and I don't care who knows it! But seriously, this is one of the best conveniences I have added into my life since sliced bread shampoo bars. So what is a conditioner bar exactly, you wonder?

A conditioner bar contains moisturizing hair conditioning agents just like the more traditional liquid / gel formats, but in a solid form. This has several benefits, from traveling easier, to being a much more eco-conscious product. 

Not All Bars Are Created Equally

Conditioner bars may sound like a pretty simple thing to whip up, but it's actually a pretty complex product. You need to have moisturizing agents, AND conditioning agents - and yes, those are totally different.

Unfortunately a lot of natural "conditioner bars" are missing the conditioning agents and are actually a lotion bar. They might add moisture to your hair, but they are formulated for skin and will usually leave hair feeling coated because they won't rinse well.

A proper conditioner bar will have a precise balance of moisturizing and conditioning agents, which will rinse well and leave your hair soft and shiny with some bounce.

Image of Pickle & Bee Conditioner Bar in Lavender Lemon Scent

How to Use a Conditioner Bar

Using a conditioner bar will take a bit of getting used to, because instead of applying a liquid or gel to the hair, you are applying it in a solid form. Here are a few steps to ensure it applies well and coats the hair!

You will need to start with wet hair, so wash your hair first if needed using your favourite shampoo bar, or simply wet the hair if it doesn't need shampoo. Next wet the bar and sandwich your hair and the bar in between your hands and rub vigorously.

For shorter hair, just rub the bar directly into your hair until its evenly distributed. Once you have applied your desired amount of conditioner to your hair, rinse it off - that's it!

Depending on your hair type, you can apply to just the ends of your hair or all over, and you can choose to rinse a little or a lot. A normal conditioner bar that is formulated correctly shouldn't have any lather.

Image of long shiny hair

A neat little hack a friend shared was to pop the last small sliver into a spray bottle with some distilled water and use it as a detangler spray. If you are like me and happen to have a gaggle of children with long hair - this will change your life.

Conditioner Bar Benefits

Conditioner bars are very convenient, and the solid format means that they travel well. No spills to worry about, no hassles at airports, just a compact little bar you can easily take anywhere you are going!

The environmental benefits are obvious, considering the use of conditioner bars can cut out the need for as many as 12 plastic bottles a year. And if you also choose wisely and stick to brands that use safe, environmentally friendly ingredients - you can rest assured that what you are rinsing down the drain won't be harmful either.

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The last thing I will point out, is that conditioner bars tend to last for a long time. In our family of five, I find that one bar can even last a month! This is because people have a tendency to use too much when it comes pouring out of a bottle. The bars will coat your hair with JUST enough product to do the job, without being wasteful. 

Convenient, eco-friendly, and budget friendly. Conditioner bars, I am NEVER breaking up with you!

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