Natural Deodorants, Safer and Effective Deodorants

Our natural deodorant balm is smooth & creamy, smells great, and lasts all day!

We are so excited to share our safe, natural deodorants with you. After a cancer diagnosis affected our family, we became very careful about what we were putting on or in, our bodies.

We didn’t like that we were constantly being exposed to products that had a long list of ingredients we couldn’t pronounce. Without a chemistry degree or background, we really had no idea what we were using!

So we decided to change that – and that’s how Pickle and Bee Natural Products was born.

Our deodorants are made with food grade, organic certified ingredients that people know and recognize. YES, the ingredients we use are safe enough to eat, so you can feel confident about what you are putting on your body.

We only use pure organic essential oils to provide fragrance to our products, no weird chemicals, no parabens, no plastics, and everything including our packaging is aluminum free!

Pure ingredients, peace of mind.

Natural Can Also be Effective

Our deodorants do not contain any aluminum, so they work a bit differently than synthetic deodorants. Rather than plug up your pores with aluminum to stop the natural process of sweating, our blend of natural organic certified ingredients work together to effectively eliminate and control body odour.

You don’t need synthetic deodorants to have effective odour control! One of our main ingredients is organic virgin coconut oil, which contains a naturally occurring component called lauric acid that kills pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

What a lot of people may not know, is that the odour some people get when they sweat, is because of bacteria that colonize the skin. The lauric acid in coconut oil can impact the balance of these bacteria, and most people report that after a few weeks of using these products they no longer notice any odour – even when they sweat!

Our products also include either food grade diatomaceous earth, or sodium bicarbonate (depending whether its our regular or sensitive formula), which help with skin health, and neutralizing odour. Diatomaceous earth has many uses, and is actually made of microscopic shell fragments found in fresh water sediment - it is a naturally occuring silica and can absorb 4 times it's weight in water! Not all diatomaceous earth is equal though, some have been altered to a more crystaline form using heat and / or chemical processes. We use only the safest, food grade diatomaceous earth in our formulations - safe for humans and pets.

Natural and effective deodorants, for you and your family.

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