What is the Deal With Shampoo Bars Anyway?

You may have noticed recently that a new player has arrived in the personal care field – the shampoo bar!

Although it has been around for quite some time, it has gained more attention recently, and consumers have many more choices when looking for one. So, how is a person to choose the right one?

There are several criteria that a consumer might measure a product up against when decided where to spend their money, but a few main categories come up over and over again.

Cost Effectiveness

While cost shouldn’t be the only factor a consumer makes a choice based on, it is one of the main factors. When trying to make decisions on which shampoo bar meets the criteria you are searching for, while remaining budget friendly, there are a few factors to consider:

First of all, how much bar are you getting for the price? Shampoo bars should be measured by net weight, and labeled clearly so that the consumer can easily identify the quantity they are paying for. A $10.00 shampoo bar might seem like a great deal upon first inspection, but if it only offers 50 grams of product, you might be paying way more per gram!

Divide the cost by grams to determine which bar is ACTUALLY more cost effective. There are other factors to consider here too, such as how many washes the bar claims to last for, or if the bar appears to contain lots of “filler” versus beneficial ingredients.

Packaging – Less is Often More

If you are searching for a shampoo bar, a few factors might be leading to this, including finding more eco-friendly alternatives for your life. It kind of defeats the purpose then, if you purchase shampoo bars with less than eco-friendly packaging!

Look for a shampoo bar with minimalist packaging, or packaging that is fully recyclable. Avoid shampoo bars that are packaged in materials that are harmful to you and the environment, such as plastics.

It’s easy to find shampoo bars that are packed simply, in kraft paper or a small cardboard sleeve, or even nothing at all! Just ensure that you are still able to see the full list of ingredients so that you are aware of exactly what is in the bar – which leads me to the next point!

Not All Bars Are Created Equally

And even though a shampoo bar is touted as natural or handmade, it can contain harmful ingredients. Some shampoo bars contain harsh detergents and SLS, which can strip the hair, and even disrupt the skin’s natural lipid barrier!

Instead search for a bar that is detergent free, and contains gentler cleansers that leave the skin and hair moisturized.

There are many other questionable ingredients that some shampoo bars use – so it’s wise to be an adept label reader, and choose ones with gentle ingredients. Gentle doesn’t mean it won’t be effective!

These simple tips can ensure that you find a natural shampoo bar with safe ingredients, that will leave your hair shiny and moisturized, your wallet fuller, and the planet happier.

Happy shampooing!

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