Why Facial Oils Should be Part of Your Skincare Routine

Making Wise Natural Skincare Choices 

With so many choices for skincare these days, it’s no wonder people can be confused about what they should include in their skincare regimes. There are so many products that it can be hard to keep track of, and with so much variety it can be overwhelming. Your skin needs to be cleansed and moisturized daily – and don’t forget to use an SPF anytime you are going outside!

What Are Facial Oils Anyway?

Facial oils are usually a blend of skin friendly, non-comedogenic oils, and the best ones are free of synthetic fragrance, and made with certified organic ingredients. Some facial oils will also include blends of essential oils with properties that improve the skin’s health and appearance. Here are a few reasons why we think facial oils are the best option for restoring moisture to your skin:

your skin doesn’t have to look like this

1. Best Bang for Your Buck

One of the main advantages of facial oils, is that they contain no cheap filler. One of the biggest tricks with lotions and facial creams, is diluting the product with water – also known as aqua on ingredient labels. So this means that a lesser percentage of the formulation actually contains ingredients that moisturize. Can you see how this might be a problem? Although extremely hydrating when ingested, water can really dry out or damage the skin. Some of the reasons water is used in skincare formulations are that it cuts costs (filler), and can change the texture of the formulation making it thinner. With facial oils, you are getting a product that contains only moisturizing agents – and your skin will thank you!

2. Extremely Moisturizing 

As mentioned above, facial oils generally don’t contain filler – but instead contain blends of skin loving oils. Products rich in moisturizing oils are great for anyone’s skin, but can especially helpful for dry or damaged skin. People with eczema have to be especially careful with what they apply to their skin, and generally speaking, the higher the oil content the better. With facial oils, you will find that you don’t have to apply much, and only need to apply once or twice a day. For best results, you can apply a few drops to your face and massage into your skin before bed, and after bathing or cleansing the skin. You will notice that your makeup applies so much smoother too!

moisture is essential for skin health

3. Eco-Friendly Options

You will find that many facial oils are packaged in eco-friendly options like glass rather than plastics, and because they last a long time, that’s less packaging being used less frequently. The other part of this is that the ingredients being used are often natural rather than synthetic and are overall better for the planet. A lot of brands also offer refillable options at select refilleries – an even more eco-friendly option!

look for products with eco-friendly packaging and ingredients


No matter which options you end up choosing, a complete facial care routine will include a cleansing component, a moisturizing component, and sun protecting component (and some would even suggest an exfoliating component for harsher climates). If you end up trying facial oils, you will likely find that at least the moisturizing part of your routine will become that much more straightforward and simple, so don’t be afraid to try one out!

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