Why You Should Consider Trying a Deodorant Balm

Deodorant balms come in many varieties – a vegan one is pictured here.

If you are someone who tries to use more natural products, then you’ve probably noticed deodorant balms have emerged onto the natural deodorant scene. As with anything, “different” can sometimes cause hesitation to try out something new! Let me give you a few reasons that might help you take a chance on them.

The Format Allows for a Different Formulation

The problem with natural deodorants that come in a stick format, is that they have to contain a much greater amount of dry ingredients so that they maintain their form.

While a lot of dry ingredients like clays and arrowroot have some beneficial properties like moisture absorption, they aren’t as effective at neutralizing odour – you know, the main reason most people actually wear deodorant!

What some people don’t realize, is that sweat itself doesn’t have an odour. It’s actually the little bacteria that colonize your skin under your arm that create the odour once they mingle with the sweat you produce.

Really effective natural deodorants must contain adequate amounts of ingredients that have some antibacterial properties. One such ingredient is coconut oil, which contains lauric acid – a natural antibacterial and antifungal.

When you compare a stick deodorant to a softer balm style deodorant, the balm deodorant will contain a larger proportion of the coconut oil, and therefore have more lauric acid. Deodorant balms are a VERY effective natural deodorant because of this!

The Method of Application

Ok so putting deodorant on with your finger might take some getting used to – but it becomes second nature after awhile.

One really great advantage to this method of application, is you have to FEEL what you are applying the deodorant to. I happen to think we should all be feeling our lymph nodes under our arms anyway – in fact, this is how I found my tumour right before being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Being in touch with your body, and your “normals” is what will help you identify when something isn’t normal!

Eco-friendly Packaging

Sadly, most deodorant sticks are still packaged in plastic, and other alternatives like cardboard tubes can be cumbersome to use.

Most deodorant balms are packaged in much more environmentally friendly options like glass, and my personal favourite – tin plate.

You can find many deodorant balms that come in convenient and flat travel sized compact tins as well – great for purses, gym bags, or carry on luggage.

So next time you are contemplating which natural deodorant to try out – take a chance on a deodorant balm, you won’t be disappointed!

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